This program is designed once we understand the goals of the group for this experience. Our typical 2-day program for teams explores individual leadership styles and how that contributes to the team, team roles, effective collaboration and builds the bonds of the group or team through a series of amazing equine experiences.


Leadership and career are inter-related. It is a big leap from being a manager, senior manager, vice president to board member. Do you want to know what people think of your leadership style? How are you perceived? What signals do you send out unconsciously? Using the principles of experiential learning, we will lead you through hands-on exercises that explore:

  • Leading positions and leadership styles

  • The comfort zone of your employees

  • Public, social/business, personal and intimate distances

  • Communication without a mask

  • 360-degree feedback and the meta-feedback of horses


This program takes participants on a journey that enables leadership principles such as presence, capability, power, intuition and inclusion to grow and integrate into their being. Participants experience a transformation over this period of time as they bond with each other and examine their image with equine guidance.  They deepen their understanding of who they are and how that is reflected in their work, partnerships, collaborations, community and family. They will improve alignment and coherence between their inner voice and their external presence. They go deep into a discovery of what they want and need to be whole and complete in their lives and how they manifest this at work


Together, we will design the most impactful experience for your team. Our belief is we must first understand what most matters to you and use that wisdom to inform our design.  We prefer to lead every interaction with a discovery conversation to help us understand the perceptions, issues and opportunities we can leverage to create a robust, personalized program.