Part of what we talked about was the need to disrupt the patterns we've build up around race, gender and hierarchy. How do we come together and share a vision for how we can be together in love and service? So far, I have heard nothing but good things about how this work can be applied. One piece I like is that this is not intellectual change. That experience of knowing how we would approach one another differently is actually in our bodies. You don't read it in a book, it's right here. And it seems like the only way we're going to get to those bigger, tougher issues.

Professor of Graduate Studies
Higher Education

Working with LeaderSenseEQ was such a powerful experience. Through insightful, thought provoking coaching and time with Sage, the horse, I was reminded that I need to be more assertive in my life. I need to ask others for what I want and need. They cannot read my mind. I reflect on this often as I work to be the best version of myself. 

Life Coach

This experience made me realize how important it is when I approach someone and the body language I am putting out there. On a personal note, It reminded me to listen to my inner self and take more time for myself. I didn’t realize how much of my life relates to my work and I forget to be me. The most powerful take away is that ultimately I am in charge of my life and the choices I make for myself. I don’t need permission to choose for me and it is up to me to stand up for me. 

Entering the pasture, I felt like we were entering their space. It was a sense of walking through a portal and the transition struck me. I felt a breeze over there, a serenity of calmness that exists on that side with the horses and I felt privileged to be in that space.

Program Administration
Higher Education

The most powerful part for me was seeing how quickly I and the other participants got deep insight into ourselves. The facilitators helped us make the connection between our insights and our behaviors.  I realized that when I approach something new, I like to hang back and watch others first before trying. Not right, not wrong, but now I have an awareness that helps me choose how I approach new things.

Executive Coach
Real Estate


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